How often did the thought that you need to check incoming mail caused you to shiver? Because you knew that if you open the Pandora’s box, the answers to the letters and even just sorting the incoming correspondence will take you more than an hour. Now, thanks to the new expansion, work with mail can be turned into competitions.

While only the beta version is available, but it will be quite enough for dating. Come on 0boxer

Click on “Sign in with Google”, and then go to the authorization page.

There you choose the browser in which you work and download the necessary extension. After that, go to your gmail. In your email account at the very top of the header appears:

All welcome to the club! Now you can start a kind of competition. For each read, written or deleted letter you will receive points and badges. After the first deleted letter, I received a greeting that I had earned my first badge.

Competitions are held, as you understand, at the international level. If you go to the “Leaderboard”, you will see a list with nicknames of mail processing leaders – a separate sign for the leaders of the day and the leaders of the week.

If you like various competitions, you will like the new application. At the same time you can carry out tasks on the dispute and thus please yourself with at least small prizes! More precisely, they will please you if you win.