It is not surprising that recently more and more people prefer to work from home, or simply refuse to travel and prefer to maintain contact using remote work tools. That is why you decided to publish an overview of the tools for this.

  • Ta-da list
    Ta-da List is a tool for group work with lists. If you need to maintain lists within the team – this is the most suitable tool that does its job well, but is not overloaded with functionality.
  • Timebridge
    TimeBridge is a schedule management system that integrates with Google Calendar, Exchange and Outlook and makes it easy to manage meeting schedules between people living in different time zones.
  • Campfire
    Campfire is another brainchild of Basecamp and Backpack, a web application that combines chat and instant messaging features that is specifically designed for business use. The free version allows the simultaneous participation of not more than 4 users, but this is often enough.
  • Google docs Spreadsheets
    The main element of any list of tools for group work. Google Docs is probably one of the best tools for group work today. You can both edit texts and work with tables with your colleagues.
  • Writeboard
    If you’re looking for something simpler than Google’s tools, then you might certainly like Writeboard, a lightweight and simple web application that works great with a change history and allows you to collaborate on simple documents in a simple and understandable way.
  • Evernote
    Evernote is a wonderful tool for saving all sorts of notes, it has collaboration features, so you can send documents from user to user. thus, you can even write a whole book together with other authors. You can, of course, use Google Docs for this, but there are no such opportunities for creating notes and quotes from various sources. Although it is possible to share Google Notebook and Google Docs for the same purposes.
  • Mixin
    Mentioned earlier allows you to use only the time that all participants designated as free, but Mixin takes on the job of offering a convenient time system for everyone. This tool can serve as an accompaniment for TimeBridge, when participants can not find the total free time for everyone.
  • Task2Gather
    There is a bunch of online task management systems, but it is better suited for project management and team members interaction than many, if not all of them. If you need an application that combines tools for working with personal tasks and managing projects in teams, Task2Gather is a good choice.
  • Mediawiki
    Wiki has long been considered almost the most advanced means of group work, combining the possibility of co-editing with the possibilities of communication, alerts, group mailings and other things.
    MediaWiki requires some knowledge when deploying and customizing for specific needs, but it certainly pays for it with its rich features.
  • Delicious
    If you have to work where there is a need to constantly evaluate and process links in a team, then Delicious is the best tool for this. Adding view tags for: username, You can create a list of links to view this or that team member, organizing something like a to-do list.
  • WordPress
    If you’re looking for a blog that is well suited for collective reference, then WordPress after the latest changes is a great choice. Not even worth recommending anything else to support a collaborative blog. WordPress, among other things, supports version control and therefore makes it easy to roll back unnecessary changes and fix the situation in case of any trouble.