Every person has a cherished dream. Everybody dreams, from the child to the old old man. For dreams, there are no rules and limits. You can not take and forbid to dream, to anyone and never. No one can kill a dream, except … ourselves. We ourselves easily give up our dreams because of laziness or apparent benefits. If you tell a person that his dreams are funny, he will not stop dreaming. But if he decides that this is nonsense, then the dream will go away.

And there are those who do not give up, but sometimes get lost. The farther you go, the harder it is to return. And on the way there are a huge number of temptations, well disguised as the right path. What terrible will happen if I linger a little on this pleasant stretch of the way? Or this passerby has seen life and says, can I listen to him? And gradually a huge wall grows in front of you of your apologies, constant delays, glances at someone nearby and banal laziness. Each has its own wall and its own obstacles. But you can always return to the road to a dream. The main thing is to closely follow the warning signs;)

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Who among us didn’t make excuses, why didn’t it work out what we wanted, or what we should have done? Starting from school (my dog ​​ate a textbook) and ending with serious work (standing in traffic, forgot the keys, transferred the old woman across the road).

There are people who justify only occasionally, and someone has a whole life – this is a complete excuse. And so they accumulate and accumulate until a critical mass is gained, and an avalanche sweeps you away from “failed,” “failed,” “delayed,” “don’t know how,” etc.

The most interesting and important thing is that we ourselves invent all these excuses. And at the same time, a part of us is perfectly aware that in this way it is simply trying to get out of the difficult path that leads to the fulfillment of a dream. Anyone who understands this and is working on himself will surely succeed.


I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t experience fear in his life at least once. It can be a fear of anything. But the most common option (the fear of losing loved ones and phobias do not count) is the fear of failure. It is terrible to start something that you have never done before. What if it does not work out ?! It is terrible to go to work in another country, it is terrible to go to an important meeting. Even positive changes are always just a little, but scary.

Someone is saved by the mantra “everything that is done is done for the better,” someone needs a strong shoulder to secure side by side, someone needs the right “kick” from life. He who was able to overcome his fear and cross the line is already half way to success. And someone all his life continues to fear everything and is sitting in his safe cocoon, afraid to stick his nose out. And the achievement of a dream is all postponed and postponed until it is very late.

If everyone continued to be afraid to do something new, humanity would still run through the woods with sticks.


Analysis is not always bad. It is good to analyze financial indicators before making a decision where and how much to invest. But there are things that at the initial stage are not amenable to rational analysis. He just kills them.

In the analysis, you can find a lot of scary moments that can happen … but maybe not. In any case, until you try – you will not know! Sometimes, on the way to a dream, it is necessary to put logic aside and act intuitively. For example, Steve Jobs did great at balancing between analysis and intuition.


It seems to me that there is nothing more distant and unrealizable than the date of “someday.” Someday I will leave here. Someday I will do the work that I like. Someday I will lose weight. Someday I will learn to ride a windsurf. Someday I will have a family. Someday I will tell him everything I think, and I will not hold back. The list of such “someday” can be continued indefinitely.

Are you sure that this covenant time will come at all? Do you have your own list with a “someday” label? Maybe you should revise the date?

If only…

Oh, this is the second most common excuse after “someday.” If only I was born in another country. If only I had more money. If only I had not listened to my parents and did what I wanted. If … If, yes, if only …

All this is wrong! These are trivial excuses for those who are just too lazy. I know people who at a rather mature age ventured to go to a foreign country, almost without knowing the language. As a result, at forty, they successfully entered the university, graduated with honors and now work at a job that they like. And if they thought that they were not so lucky to be born in Ukraine, that they didn’t have the right working ties, without which they couldn’t get a decent job, they would have been in their small posts, waiting for handouts.

And this example is not the only one! I could start a conversation about people with special needs who are doing what a full-fledged person is not able to do at all, since everything is waiting for the right occasion or complaining about the lack of the right moment.

Are you worried you can’t give people something special? Something they expect from you?

We all have something to share with the world. Something that can make it a little better. Add the drop that makes up the ocean. It is foolish to fear that you cannot do something better than others, or that you are not so talented.

Someone is just doing what he is interested in, absolutely not thinking about the fact that these actions help others get closer to the dream by at least one step.

Comfort zone

You may be very comfortable in the little world that you have created around you. But this little world, alas, is not at all what you once dreamed of. And if you were not afraid and continued on your way, then someday your dreams would come true … maybe.

Leaving your comfort zone and starting to do at least something in the right direction is very difficult. Especially if you are scared and the work to be not the most pleasant. Many still remain in place. You should think very well about whether you are comfortable with the current situation, and look a little ahead. Because what is good now may not be so convenient tomorrow. If you understand that something is going wrong, go beyond the boundaries of comfort and start doing what you think is right.

Watch this video again – very motivating. It just collected all the items listed in the article! And if after it you don’t rise from the chair and start acting, then I don’t know what motivation can change you. Maybe you just do not have a dream?

This article came across to me for a reason, but because I am 5 days away from fulfilling one small, but pleasant dream. I have a long list, so I work more and work. I hope that you do not sit back.

I was taught from childhood that no matter what happened, it’s not worth looking for the guilty. Because everything depends on my actions and reactions. Yes, I can’t control others, but I can control myself!