Judging by the first reviews about Mac Pro, he deserves the title of “the fastest Mac ever.” However, not all ordinary users have the opportunity to evaluate the performance of a computer costing from $ 2999 … These things are intended for professionals. For example, such as the animation studio Pixar, which since the mid-90s is not tired to amaze viewers around the world with the beauty of images created using a computer. And Apple technology plays an important role here. 😉

Business Insider offers a look at the creative process from the inside.

At the 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference, an artist from Pixar demonstrated how the company uses Apple’s new powerful computer to do real-time work many times faster than on a regular computer.

Pixar artists begin their work with a character concept that gives 3D modellers an idea of ​​how this character looks when expressing different emotions.

They provide explanations about what inspired those or character traits, as well as about all the details of the lighting that should be worked out when creating a character.

Some points that require a detailed approach (for example, the character’s face) require additional explanations.

And here comes a time when the help of a mega-powerful computer comes in handy – Mac Pro.

Using a professional-level application called MARI, Pixar artists take on the basic 3D models created by other team members and begin to detail them.

With the help of a tablet and a stylus, the artist is able to draw finer details than with a mouse. He claims that thanks to Mac Pro, the work is going on smoothly, he forgets that he draws on the computer.

Pixar artists use MARI to paint such details as skin tones on different parts of the body and even such small things as freckles.

All drawn details are saved as separate images for each body part. These images can be reduced in quality (thus, they can be used to play on relatively weak consoles) or enlarge (for use in movies on the big screen). Files with which the artist works on Mac Pro, are scaled in favor of the latter.

After about thirty minutes of working with MARI and Mac Pro, the artist managed to add enough details to bring the image of the character closer to the final result. Without Mac Pro, this process could take up to 12 hours.

The data for the character shown above weighs as much as 10 GB – and this is more than the total RAM in most computers, while on Mac Pro you can create several such characters with shadows and animate them, and all this in real time.