If you share a computer with several family members, then various or late conflicts may arise related to this, especially if the playful hands of the household begin to climb where they don’t need, changing the system settings, changing the layout or installing “very necessary programs” that actually stuffed with viruses. Yes, with the help of group policies, you can configure restrictions for every taste, but using such a powerful tool takes time to master it and is dangerous for the system if it is not properly used. Therefore, we want to introduce you to a tiny utility that will help you cope with this problem.

Manage It! This is a simple Windows application that allows you to quickly disable such Windows functions as Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt, Control Panel, etc. The program is distributed completely free of charge and does not require installation, representing a single executable file of 450 kb in size.

After starting the program, a window appears with a list of functions that you can disable by checking or unchecking. In order for the changes to take effect, you must click the button Done, and then restart Explorer with the corresponding button.

Tab Advanced There are some system tweaks that the author has classified as not safe, so change these settings at your own peril and risk. The third tab contains buttons for launching some standard system utilities, as well as a simple timer that allows you to shut down / restart the computer at a specified time.

In addition to restricting access to some system functions of Windows, the utility Manage It! It may be useful to us for a completely opposite task – the inclusion of the same functions after the removal of viruses. The fact is that many malicious programs, the same blockers, when infecting a computer, disable access to the registry, task manager, command line. With Manage It! You can restore these functions after removing the virus.