As my father likes to talk, lighting another cigarette: “Who smokes tobacco is the enemy to himself!” And in these words sounds not only irony, but also the desire to really quit smoking. Because the smell is nasty already tired for many years, and the cough makes itself felt. However, the experience of his smoking is very serious. When he tries to quit, the body reacts violently: smoking is unbearable, it seems that even his teeth ache, and all pain symptoms are removed by a cigarette. This is a serious, physical nicotine addiction, when, with the cancellation of a smoker, withdrawal syndrome, which is expressed in disgusting state of health and a keen desire to delay with nicotine, torments.

Nicotine patches and other similar “helpers” are highly doubtful, since in fact they do not fight with nicotine addiction. Psychological methods, such as hypnosis, are generally a dangerous thing, since intervention in a person’s mental system can end up completely unpredictable. Acupuncture and other methods of alternative medicine are rejected because of the distrust of the “Chinese doctors” who came, most likely, from the countries of the former CIS.

So what to do? How to maintain your willpower and your body with some external methods?

The other day I learned about the “I Quit Smoking” method, which has been used in Europe and America for a long time (for 10 years), but I got to Russia only now (the opening of the first official center took place in September 2012). The technique consists in the use of electropulse therapy: with the help of certified IQS equipment, a specialist of the company performs electrical stimulation of the patient’s ear reflex zones. After the procedure, the craving for nicotine disappears and, most importantly, the former smoker does not suffer from withdrawal syndrome, due to which many do not survive even a few weeks without cigarettes.

And now I will explain why I called the article exactly this way: “How to quit smoking in the whole office in one day?” The fact is that the time of the procedure is 1 hour. So you can arrange for your company a kind of “Health Day”: all sign up at the center “I Quit Smoking”. The next day will begin in a new, improved team. By the way, this action is worth thinking about the leaders of the company. Observe how much time your employees spend in the smoking room, and calculate how much money you pay for a valuable employee clogging up his lungs. Add to this increased fatigue of the smoker and future health problems, which is also not a gift for the company.

In addition to speed, the procedure has several obvious advantages:

– She is painless. The patient does not feel the impact of electrical impulses, he is not given any shots.

– There is no psychological pressure on the patient.

– The company is engaged only in this service and nothing more. And if a company does one thing and is not scattered, it does it well.

– The company guarantees the result. 500,000 patients worldwide have already quit smoking. You are given a warranty of 6 months. If during this time you smoke again (the percentage of such patients is extremely small), the company will return the money to you.

Speaking of money, the cost of the procedure is not small, but quite adequate. And if you count how much you spend on cigarettes, then this amount will seem ridiculous at all. In addition, for it you buy yourself free breathing, the opportunity to feel again the flavors and tastes in their entirety, you buy the morning without an obsessive cough and the opportunity not to sense this awful smell from your clothes and hands anymore.

You can learn more about the “I Quit Smoking” method on the company’s official website.

We hope that our post will help those who want to get rid of their bad habits forever, but have already despaired of finding a suitable method.