Modern mobile phones are gradually becoming more intelligent and cope with a wide range of tasks – from the organization of your workouts and ending with workflows and entertainment. The more annoying it happens if your mobile assistant becomes a victim of thieves or your absent-mindedness. However, there is a real way to not only return your smartphone back, but also to bring the villains to a nervous breakdown.

There are quite a few programs that detect and remotely control some functions of your smartphone, but all of them usually have paid status, and if they have a free option, they have limited functionality to the limit. application Android Lost Free In this sense, is unique – many of its features are unique, and the use is completely free.

First you need to install a small client program weighing about 140 kb from the Google app store. After its launch, only one window will appear with several options. Here, for the full operation of the program, you will need to provide it with administrative rights and the ability to receive and send SMS messages.

To communicate with your phone, of course, a communication channel is required. Android Lost Free will use two methods for this: your current Internet connection and management using special SMS. Thus, if you can somehow reach your device, the program will do it.

The main tool for working with your lost phone is a special web service. Perhaps its design does not cause enthusiasm, but it copes with its task perfectly well. To get started, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account, as this is required to send messages. After that, you can begin to explore the capabilities of the service.

The program has a huge number of functions and all of them are conveniently sorted into several tabs in the section. Controls. Here is a list of the most interesting of the many available options:

Alarm – on your signal, the phone starts ringing and flashing heart-rendingly. what can be useful to you if you got on the trail of an attacker;

GPS – determining the position of the phone on the map.

Phone Status – when you click on this button, the phone sends you detailed information about your condition, including the model, battery status, imei number, and so on.

Message popup – display your message on the phone screen. So you can ask to return your loss.

SMS post – With this feature, you can send SMS from your phone to the selected number.

Message picture – A tricky feature that allows you to send a message to your phone, and at the moment when they react to it, the front camera will take a picture and send it to you. A good opportunity to see the face of the new owner of your device.

Lock phone – locks the phone, and to enter now you will need to enter the digital code you set.

Call list – get a list of all telephone conversations lately. It can be useful if you need to find out the contacts of the attacker.

Sound Recording, Front Camera, Rear Camera – yes, you can make your phone record sound, take pictures of the front and rear camera. And the results, of course, will be immediately sent to you.

SMS commands – You have the opportunity to manage your phone with the help of e-mails from another phone. The list of available commands is very extensive and is available on this page.

This is not a complete list of the program’s capabilities, but it illustrates quite vividly its outstanding features. Yes, I already foresee the voices of skeptics who say that when they steal the phone, they usually turn it off completely and then immediately reflash it, so that even the most cunning program will not help. But first, this does not always happen instantly, so there is still a chance for discovery, especially if the new owner wants to delve into your data. And secondly, the program Android Lost Free gives some chance for the return of the phone, and its absence reduces them to zero. So we set, test, share impressions in the comments.