Imagine that you have sat down to write an article (substitute the necessary occupation). You need to run Word, a dictionary, a screenshot, a browser, an email client to send, and some more or less useful programs. After writing the article, you decide, for example, to calculate the family budget and you will need a calculator, Excel, … It would be convenient to make the launch of programs automatic, according to the profile of the problem: programming, browsing, reading letters, writing articles, etc. This is what the Windows 7 App Launcher (7APL) program does.

All you need to do is download the application in a zip archive and unzip it. Then run and configure.

In fact, you create profiles in the running 7APL and prescribe what will be launched when the profile is activated.

You can configure hotkeys for switching profiles. New applications will be launched when switching. In addition, you can configure the switch so that the applications of the previous profile are closed.