This is the way nature has created that in the winter we are drawn to fat and high-calorie food in order to get additional calories, which, in theory, should go to warm us in icy frosts. But since it is now 21 in the yard, and we don’t need additional fat reserves, these very extra calories do not go anywhere, even if they are very good to ask. With the arrival of spring in us, the desire to look like the Greek gods for the beach season is sharply activated, and we frantically begin to put our body in order after “hibernation”.

To do this out of hand, of course, will not work. Yes, and for the health of such rates are not very useful. Adhere to the right lifestyle you need to constantly. This is a continuous process. I think that the manifesto of a healthy lifestyle can become something of a reminder for those who have decided to put themselves in order, and no longer go out of this way. I do not think that all items are mandatory, but some of them should always be followed. Especially number 11, 13,14 and 42.

This manifesto was compiled by Celestine Chua, whose articles I used more than once for posts. More recently, she has set up a fitness challenge, a “healthy lifestyle for 21 days,” and many more such experiments. I think she knows exactly what she is writing about.

1. Drink more water.
2. Sleep as much as you need for recovery.
3. Meditate.
4. Exercise.
5. Select the exercises you enjoy.
6. Train different parts of the body.
7. Eat more fruit.
8. Eat more vegetables.
9. Choose vegetables and fruits of bright colors.
10. Eat less processed foods (fast food).
11. Love yourself.
12. Walk or run barefoot.
13. Cleanse your life of negative people.
14. Clear yourself from the negative.
15. Do not keep negative thoughts.
16. Avoid addictive foods.
17. Breathe. Deep.
18. Pay attention to the problem of emotional eating.
19. Eat small meals.
20. Stop eating if you feel that you are already full.
21. Replace white carbohydrates for brown.
22. Define your life goals.
23. Refuse fatty foods.
24. Reduce consumption of foods containing large amounts of sugar.
25. Try to eat organic food.
26. Watch your posture.
27. Reduce the use of soda and caffeine.
28. Stop drinking alcohol.
29. Learn to cook.
30. Learn to say no.
31. Bring a bottle of water with you when you leave the house.
32. Dine often in the salad bar.
33. Reduce calorie intake.
34. Stop smoking.
35. Avoid passive smoking.
36. Snack on healthy snacks.
37. Drink fruit and vegetable smoothies.
38. Drink juices (vegetable and fruit).
39. Try a vegetarian diet.
40. Try a vegan diet.
41. Try a raw food diet. (The power supply system, in which the use of products that have undergone heat treatment is almost completely excluded.)
42. Go out for walks often.
43. Carefully care for your teeth.
44. Choose your classes in the sports club.
45. Communicate more often with people who lead an active lifestyle.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that before undertaking the implementation of certain items (veganism, raw foods, vegetarianism, drinking juices), it is better to consult a doctor and make sure that you will not have health problems.

Among these 45 points there are enough correct thoughts, and based on them you can make your own manifesto, print it out and try to follow these instructions not only before the beach season 🙂