In today’s world, it is difficult not to get information at all, but rather to filter out the unnecessary, in order not to spend a lot of time. I myself prefer to use RSS of every kind for news, rather than visiting sites, and that’s why I’m impressed by Yahoo’s attempt to create a tool for visual data processing systems.

You can use Yahoo Pipes in many cases, for example, you can simply choke on messages from some very active source, but you are only interested in those that relate to a particular topic. Or vice versa – you would like to delay all messages on a topic while leaving all the rest intact.

You can also use Pipes to collect information about a topic or resource. In particular, I was interested in the mention of our site in the Russian blogosphere, as well as how the resource “looks” from the point of view of Yahoo. It would be logical to get one feed, not several, besides, I know that I will still configure and debug it and it is better to install the filter after combining all the sources.

This is, if not the simplest example, then one of them. What especially pleases in the creation – everything is interactive, you immediately see how your actions influence the result.

You can search for a huge catalog of ready-made solutions, or create your own, taking the existing one as a basis, or from scratch. In particular, try searching for yourself.

But the possibilities do not end with filtering and merging. You really can to bite in the structure of the feed posts and build your own. Try it.