Have you ever seen a person experiencing difficult life circumstances, mood recession and sadness? Downward glance, directed as if into oneself, hunched shoulders, uncertain walk – all these signs almost always correspond to a depressed depressive state. So, is the state of our spirit directly related to the state of our physical body?

Of course it is. Numerous medical studies prove this statement. But maybe there is a feedback? That is, there is the possibility of using certain physical exercises to get rid of the blues and strengthen pep? A psychology professor and psychotherapist Carlos Coto claims that he even developed a special complex that allows you to improve your mood in three or four minutes. Below are 5 simple exercises to raise your mood and get rid of stress.

1. tiptoe

When you feel depressed, your gait changes and it seems that it is difficult to even just rearrange your legs, as if you are being pulled down by your negative emotions. Therefore, try to counteract, on the contrary, to be like tiptoe for a few minutes, rushing up with your whole body.

2. Do claps

There is such a good physical exercise. Jumping jacks, which allows you to sweat in minutes. It consists of jumping with simultaneous dilution of the legs and raising hands above his head. Do at least 20 times and you will feel that life is not so bad. These movements accelerate blood flow, increase the flow of oxygen to the main organs and give an instantaneous release of endorphins, which are called “hormones of happiness”.

3. Expand the chest

When you are sad or depressed, then you slouch, as if protecting your heart and emotions from the outside world. Psychologists clearly associate such a posture with uncertainty, inner feelings and depression.

All you have to do is try to stand straight and widen your chest. This posture will not only change your appearance, but also instantly transform the internal state. Your lungs will get more oxygen, and your mind will be filled with peace and confidence.

4. Raise your arms above your head.

This gives about the same effect as walking on tiptoe. When people are sad, their hands usually weakly dangle along the body. They do not seem to know what to do with them and where to put them.

You, on the contrary, raise your hands up the way athletes do on the pedestal or gladiators over the body of a fallen enemy. Accept the position of the winner and in a minute you will feel that way!

5. Raise your head and smile.

Smile, even if you do not want. It may seem dumb or artificial to you, but it really works. Your brain remembers that you smile when you are satisfied, so there is a direct and a feedback connection between these things. When you start to smile, then literally in a few seconds you will feel how your mood rises, and the sadness goes into the past.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural in the proposed psycho-emotional gymnastics. Simple and easily doable exercises, which in the opinion of the author of the technique bring quick and tangible effect. In any case, in moments of spiritual adversity it is much better to try this method instead of loneliness and self-eating, which will definitely not lead to anything good.