15 years of CentOS and the launch of CentOS 8 is already being prepared.0


And it is that in the blog of the distributionón the news was published and a smallñA Interview with Greg Kurtzer, who was the original founder of the project, which I directedó Some motivational words.

Upon Centos

For Those who Aún do not know cents (Community Enterprise Operating System) I can tell you that this It is a distributionón of Linux of cóI say open and free designñADO for desktop computers and servers. This system always It is based on the úLTIMA versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Then It is a bifurcationóN at the binary level of the distributionóN Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Rhel, Compiled by volunteers from CóI say source published by Red Hat, being the main difference with this eliminationóN of all references to brands and logos Property of Red Hat.

Whose goal is to offer the user a software “Business class” gratuitous. Is defined as robust, stable and fáCIL to install and use.

CentOS fulfills its 15 springs

15 AñThey sound Fácil for many, but for a projectóI say open the thing is another. It was in the añor 2004 when CentOS 2.0 debutó as a bifurcationón of RHEL 2 and since then, CentOS has continued BASáAt the sources of Rhel.

TambiéN have passed five añSince the developers of CentOS joined Red Hat as long as he wasíAn maintaining this.

And we can appreciate it in the text of the publicationón In the CentOS blog:

CentOS has had momentsíciles and good and has gone through a series of great changes throughout thoseñyou.

We believe that we have landed in a really fant placeáRestus in Los úLTIMA 5 AñOS, as part of the family of Red Hat projects, and we are very excited about what comes with CentOS 8 and the PRóXimos Añyou.

At this moment, we want to see againówe got where we are now. We did it returning and talking to some of the people who were involved in those first toñOS, ASí as with some who joined the projectáS forward.

Greg had the opportunity to establish very intentionally the tone of the community to be cozy and tolerant.

This is dueó mainly that Greg had some very negative experiences with some of the very hostile communities in those of firstñyou.

TambiéN Other interviews were conducted with various developers. Interviews you can see in the publicationón of the CentOS blog.

CentOS 8 PRóXimously

As for the launch of CentOS 8 Many details have not been known, Well, it will take as a base to Red Hat 8 (which is in Versión beta).

CentOS does not create beta versions, so there is notá a versióN beta of CentOS 8, so the launch of CentOS 8 to beá with RHEL 8.0.

At the moment we only know the details that will beáN in RHEL 8, of which some of them are expected for CentOS 8:

  • STRATIS, Local Storage Manager, uses it to manage RAID, VOLúMenes LóGICES AND FILE SYSTEMS.
  • Wayland is the default screen server.
  • SSSD is used to resolve users and local groups, instead of consulting directly to / etc / passwd.
  • The nformable frame replaces iptables in the functionóN of the default network packet filtering service.
  • The functionóN Filtering Extended Berkeley Package (EBPF, for its acronym in Englishés) Está Available as a preview of technologyíA so much for networks and tracking.
  • XFS supports copy and writing of file extensions (úTIL for Instant TakeáNEAS OF INDIVIDUAL files).
  • Compatibility with TLS 1.3.
  • NTP replaced by Chrony.
  • Bloat: IDM (Identity Management Domain), Cockpit.

What if it is clear is that will be givenáN to know the details of CentOS 8 during the Red Hat Summit 2019 To beá Celebrating the PRóXimo Month in Boston, MA, during the DíAs from May 7 to 9.

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