Install Chromecast from Linux

Chromecast first generation

Chromecast It is a little oneño Transmission deviceóN That in It allows to reproduce Multimedia content From our television that has a HDMI port and use any device that has support for this, where the más común is from someún smartphone supporting the applicationóN of Google Home or even from ALGúN Computer with Browser Help Google Chrome.

We can find the Chromecast at one of the official stores that show us from whether official website of the product, the link is this. We can find the Chromecast, Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio.

Requirements for Chromecast

As this little one told themñor device needs A HDMI port, power source and connectionón WiFi to be able to work, the úNico that we separated from that is the Chromecast Audio that we only require the 3 plug of 3.5mm. But do not be scared if your television does not have a USB port you can use any charger that works for your smartphone with micro USB input.

¿CóMO connect Chromecast?

This work is really simple post I guess already at this point you gave you the idea of ​​cómo do it, but if it is notí I leave you imágenes so you can do it without complications, this applies for the first and second generationóN that require an HDMI port.

The first step is Connect it to our device to receiveá The transmissionóN As I commented in general it is to work on a TV that has the HDMI port.

We must only connect them as follows:

Connecting Chromecast

CóMO Install Chromecast: First Steps

The next step is deskáRGANOS THE APPLICATIONón of Google Home In our Smartphone or Tablet.Made the installationón We proceed to look for the application iconón To start it.

We are givená The welcome message and startá The phase of the configurationóN, Where do you order?á Link a Google account, if we want to activate the Location GEOón and finally we We go to the device section and startá to look for the device.

In my case restart theíor to be able to do the tutorial, we will start with the linkage processóN to our WiFi network.

In this point We must select our WiFi network and the passwordñto this, usually if the network isá linked to our smartphone the automatic configurationáwe must enter the password we must enter the passwordñto.

Done thisá Confirm if the CóI say that it shows us on the TV screen is the same as the applicationóN, done this will begin to configure the device.

We must only continue with the process until I finish.

These steps are necessary since we necessarily require that our Chromecast is connected to our WiFi network.

¿CóMO Transmit content to your Chromecast from Linux?

In order to transmit multimedia content to our device from our operating system we can do it with the help of a tool called MkComeCast, this program isá written in Python and is transmitted throughénode.JS, FFMPEG or AVCONV .

MkChromecast is able to use audio formats with péloss and without péRD.

To install it we must open a terminal and execute the following command:

For Ubuntu and derivatives:

For Arch Linux and derivatives:

También You can install this tool from cóI say source, we must only clone your Git, for this we must type the following commands:

Now we should only use the terminal to send our content, for example, if you want playing a video you do with the following command

If you want AñAdir Subtitles We can charge them with the following command

If you want to emit a video file available from a source in LíNEA, you can use the –Source-URL:

You can even transmit YouTube videos, but keep in mind that this downloadá the YouTube video to your computer and then issueá The local file to your TV: <

Transmit Content in Chromecast from another source

To broadcast the úNico requirement is that both the device where you send the content to Chromecast are connected to the same network.

Another means to transmit to your device that I can recommend, You can do it from VLC Media Player, the úNico requirement is that the player must be in his versión 3.0.

To perform the transmissionóN to your chromecast You just have to go to the next route inside the menuú of VLC and select your Chromecast device within your list to start sending the content to this.

Chromecast VLC Player

The último of the add-ons that I can offer you To be able to transmit content to your chromecast, is to use the Google Chrome browser, with which we can do Mirroring From our desktop our device or simply transmit what we are seeing in some eyeñA De Google Chrome on our computer.

Transmit Chromecast from Google Chrome

For this we only have to go to the next route to convey our content:

Now you only have left you Find some app for your device transmitted content. Within the most popular applications this Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Popcorn Time, Google Play Music, etc. There are also some games that you can find on the Playstore with support for Chromecast, you just have to see that they have the following icon to start with the transmissionóN.

As advice I can offer you, if you have the first generationón of chromecast, your device you have it as close to your WiFi modem since this tends to have a fairly considerable loss if you areá away from this.

Finally, I can only tell you that for this device to work wondersáN that have a fairly considerable Internet speed, because these devices do not have much space to store content so usually the problem Más comúN is buffering with high quality content such as 1080 videos, hereí the úNica Solución is that your content download it and save it on your smartphone or computer for afterés Transmit it to Chromecast.

If you know someún other MéEverything or program to be able to send content to our device Do not hesitate to share it with us in the Sectionón of comments.

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