Chrome is spyware for a columnist of The Washington Post

Chrome en Software ESP & IACT;

SecúN Geoffrey A. Fowler, technology columnistíto the Washington Post, eL Google Chrome Browser is Software ESPíto. So that his readers do not doubt what he thinks he puts his conclusionón in one of the first páArts of Artíass:

Convert into the M browserás popular that the advertising agency M madeábig in the world, resultó as smart how to put the niñto run a candy store.

By whiché Chrome en Software ESPíto

Fowler Competeó for one week Chrome’s behavior against Firefox and I discoveredó that while Firefox HabíA blocked all tracking cookies, Google Hab browseríA installed 11189. These cookies, belonging to both companies and state agencies, are used by the same to build interest profiles, income and personality of each navigator user.

The journalist cites the case of the Web of the Aetna insurance company, and the Federal Help Service for Students (EE.UU) In both cases Chrome allowedó that cookies will be installed to follow their activity in the search engine and on facebook.

También discoveró that Google took the beginning of SesióN in Gmail as a permit to start sesióN In your Google account, this allows you to collectún MáS Informationón personal.

¿You have chrome on your teléphon? Probably así, because, unless you disable (you can not uninstall) comes with Android. CAda then you make a Búsearch, Chrome envíto your locationóN. True is that you can deactivate the optionón of sharing locationóN. In that case the envílike, but not so precise

Note MíA: On the Internet there are two kinds of people; The customer and the product. If you are not one, you are the other. Google does not give you a browser, a mail service or an OFIM suiteáfree online tica because you love you. He does it because you are the merchandiseíto why your advertisers are paid.

It is likely that you feel tempted to refute my affirmationóN above with Firefox counteracting. Bad idea. Google was forñOS the main SUSTéFinancial Foundation Nón Mozilla and its main promoter. When they learned everything they needed to know about the browser market, they took Chrome, and they stayed with the greatestíto the market thanks to its power of diffusionóN. It is Más or less the same asíAn afteréS with the manufacturer of smart speakers Sonos, secún The accusationóN that we already comment.

Returning to Washington Post, from Google, Fowler told him that In your browser give priority to the control of users and privacy options, and that continueáLooking for new ways to control cookies. But, they highlighted at the same time their need to maintain “A healthy web ecosystem”.

My translationóníto “We are working on maintaining the chicken coop, but at the same time we must assure the fox the amount of heatíSo you need”

Being just with Google, When I appearedó Chrome came to solve the problems caused by Internet Explorer. Taking advantage of its quasi monopoly, Microsoft InsistíA to use technologyínot standardized that preventedíAn who do not useáWindows Windows Access many sites.

Google Tomó Webkit, a c rendering engineóI say open, and from éL Developmentó Blink. Blink TeníAt a much better performance than Gecko, the Firefox rendering engine, Trident, Explorer rendering engine and Safari webcore. Added that Google showed you advertising every time you used your search engine and each of its services, it was immediately growing in participationómarkets. To this, you have to add that you had the intelligence of doing it multiplatform.

At that time, Privacy was not a concernón as big as it is at present.

Of course The first alternative to change this is to use another browser. The journalist recommends going to Firefox, but you can also optéN by Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi and, if you use Windows or Android, Microsoft Edge. But, while you continue using free Google services (or other suppliers) they will haveáNo way to crawl.

In any case, if you think that privacy is important to you, will haveáS that consider the possibility of hiring an email serviceóNico with your own domain or use an OFIM suiteáOffline.

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