The latest version of Chrome OS has already supported virtual desktops

Chrome OS 78

I think thereá few Linux users who do not know whaté They are virtual desktops. A server saw them for the first time in Ubuntu 6.06 and notá MáI remember that it passed from one to another with the bucket effect of compiz fusion. Today in DíA STOP USAándolos to separate some windows, such as working and social networking. This is something that couldá get into Chrome OS 78, the úlast updateóN Google Desktop Operating System.

This inclusionón TardíA Chrome surprises you and stops surprising. On the one hand, we are talking about a functionónñOS on the desk, even in Windows. On the other, Google’s desktop operating system is a very limited system, más similar to a tablet software that for computers. In any case, we can already organize our tasks in Virtual desks, and we can do it in a way that reminds that of Macos.

Chrome OS 78 virtual desktops will help usáN to organize our tasks

The new OPCIóN virtual desktops appeará As soon as we update Chrome OS 78. To see them, you have to open the multitasking and click on the new botóN that appears up to the right with the text «New desktop». Once activated, we can drag windows to new workspaces.

Other News from Chrome OS 78 include:

  • Click-to-call, a functionóN that allows users of a teléAndroid phone making calls by right clicking on one núMero de TeléFono that appears in Chromebook.
  • Possibility of printing in a wayáS Simple and save our favorite printers.
  • New Botón in the menú To close Sesión, turn off the equipment or block it to send suggestions.

Chrome OS 78 will launchó officially yesterday, so Soon you shouldíto appear as an updateóN On all supported devices. Tenéis all the informationóN about this launch on this link.

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