Cinnamon 3.2 will have vertical panels like Unity

Cinnamon 3.2

Like he usually does timely, Clem Lefebvre has published the monthly report on Linux Mint. A report that isá giving a lot of juice to the interested parties because it does notóA new Mint Box, a small PCñor with Linux Mint but alsoéN has spoken about the news to bringá Cinnamon 3.2 a linux mint 18.1.

This versióN of Linux Mint Saldrá A few weeks afteréS Ubuntu 16.10, that is, at the end of November, it does notówe will have it Linux Mint 18.1 but alsoén We will have a new versióN of Cinnamon.

The novelties of Cinnamon 3.2 Serán very interesting and although they are not many, the truth is that platingán a before and one afterés for the project. Aceí, Cinnamon 3.2 Allowá the useóN of vertical panels, Similar panels to Ubuntu Unity panel.

Cinnamon 3.2 Finally assumeá The possibility of using vertical panels as in Unity

But this is notá it úNico but alsoéN caná Use the accelerateóDevice meter such as tablets or computers that have it, in such a way that with rotating the screen, the desktop alsoén Turná adaptánose to the new positionóN.

In additionáS, cinnamon 3.2 Countá With new ones Corrections of Bugs to improveán The operation of the desk. For the moment they are the úniches novelties that we know, but there is no doubt that they are very interesting novelties for all.

Well, we must not forget that the increase of users in Cinnamon was dueó No SóWhat Gnome Shell but alsoén for the adoptionóUnity n, a desk with vertical panels as now has cinnamon 3.2. Aceí It seems that This change can be decisive for users not sóLinux Mint but alsoéN from the desktop, because cinnamon does notóestá Available for Linux Mint or Ubuntu, Fortunately También está For other distributions.

Personally I do not dislike the vertical panels although I always prefer a good dock A vertical or horizontal panels. Possibly this is the end of the new vertical panels ¿ you whoé pensáIS?

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