Civilization v strategy game available native to STEAMOS

The famous distributionóN of Valve, Steamos, the distro specially designed for videogames that has given so much úLastly, now it has a new título especially designñADO for this operating system. It is the strategy video game Civilization V, Recent for Tí.
The videogame has very good gráFICOS and aims to be one of those remarkable games in GéNero StéI, at least in terms of games for Linux. Civilization V is a great promise created by renowned developers and available for STEAMOS and Linux.
With civilization v you couldás submerge in a world of Gods and Kings, with battles éPicas and spend hours entertaining you planning the growth of your civilizationóN, your defense and of course the attacks.
Many pienna that is one of the Best Strategy Video Games for Linux and what shouldíto be between the ranking of the 500 best videogames for Linux. Although obviously everything is not good news, since you have to pay for this work. The good thing is that when I entered the Steam Est storeá In OFRETA, with a rebate of 75% (limited) only costs 7.49€. To access it accesses from hereí (Pressing in Buy Now).
The truth is that when talking about software for Linux is always expected to be free, but there is payment software as it is the case. On Windows and Mac this is the order of theía, since almost all tíimportant tulos you have to afford them. Even así, This video game for Linux is not too expensive.

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