Cobham and Fentiss deepen their relationship: Risc-V unstoppable in Europe. The limit? The stars & # 8230;

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The Swedish company Cobham Gaisler and ESPAñOla Fentiss deepen your relationshipóN to continue with the unstoppable éXito de la Isa Risc-V in Europe. A relativeón fruitty for the future of the aerospace sector of Europe, providing hardware solutions such as Noel-V and Leon5 processors,áS Hypervisory Software Xtratum Next Generation (Xng).

A binomial that provides a complete ecosystems with technologyíA open thanks to the adoptionóN of the ISA of CóI say open Risc-V. In additionáS, Cobham Gaisler is one of the members of Risc-V International, so it isá involved fully in the directionón and future development of this ISA.

«We have won a very positive experience with the products of Cobham Gaisler for the development of our software solutions in high quality plates. To través of this collaborationón, we can achieve results toúN best and establish a good market fit for our solutions.» Commentó Francis GóMez, Fentiss CEO.

Noel-V is a synthesizable VHDL processor of the Swedish company that is based on Risc-V architecture. Allows you to run up to two instructions in parallel for each clock cycle. While xtratum is the hypervisor of the companyñwave, especially designñADO for integrated systems in real time where safety, reliability and efficiency are CRíTicos, as in aerospace systems.

Since Cobham Gaisler introduced multin-spatial spatial computersúCleo GR712RC hardened against radiationóN, we have been improving the support for space-temporal insulation between partitions and for the management of interference between NúCleos. While these mechanisms are alreadyán available in the Quad-Leon4ft GR740, be includedán Más Improvements in the architecture of the NúCleo IP Leon5, and by using the separationón of Risc-V modes and its extensionón h, soon available at Noel-V. We hope to collaborate MáS tightly with fentiss, taking advantage of the XNG hypervisor support for architecture múLTIPLE DE LEON and NoEL-V.”, said Jan Andersson, Engineering Director of Cobham Gaisler.

The fruit of the collaborationóN

Space, Risc-V

With this close collaborationóN, Cobham Gaisler and Fentiss ConfíAn in boosting your product portfolios and achieving the alignmentóN of the marketing actions to be able to gain visibility in the Aerospace market, for which your products are directed.

As a result of this collaborationóN, a platform capable of executing various operating systems in robust and isolated (spatial and temporary) environments is achieved, and making use of the paravirtualizationóN About Cobham hardware, such as the LEON3FT with double N processorsúCleo GR712RC (Rad Hard) and Leon4ft with four NúCleos GR740 También hardened against radiationóN. Some chips that will be usedáN in missions such as Merlin, Svom, Swot, and Juice, así as a platinum.

The Platinum Project Beá The basis of observation constellationsóN of the Earth and Telecommunications of the Italian Space Agency.

In additionás of the adaptationóN of Xtratum Xng to the Processors Leon3, Leon4 and the new Leon5, the activities on the adaptationóN on Risc-V architectures, such as the processor Noel-V of Crobham Gaisler, ESTán taking place in the project of RISC, coordinated by Fintiss and funded by the CommissionóN European.

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