Colony SHIP: Post-Earth colonization reaches Linux

Colony Ship Linux

Colony Ship is a turns video game With support for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Has been developed by Iron Tower Studio, and now it isá Available throughéS by Steam Early Access, ASí as in Gog. Therefore,ás see if that 90% CRípositive ticas are found for first hand. But the truth is that it looks pretty good, and promises good hours of entertainment.

Colony Ship Está Based on a storyOlonizationóN of other planets in a post-earth era. In additionáS, use an GR engineávery powerful and well-known fexico, since thisá Based on Unreal 4. As for the type of video game, as I said it is through turns of the groups involved, and role-style. Everything happens aboard a spacecraft launched to PRóXima Centauri, in the Añor 2754, at which the earth is no longer what it was, and where many of the segregate in this ship do not even know her.

The Video Game Colony SHIP TambiéN presents a one Detailed Character System Based on skills and ways to handle missions, with a careful di systemálogos. Your elections determineán quiéná Your friends and enemies. In additionás, noticeáS that this ROL ISOM gameéTrico has inspirationón in another tíTulo known, as Orphans of the Sky is. Other Títube with some similarities regarding history.

Others characteríStiches From Colony Ship are:

  • Skills-based characters system.
  • Combat Táshift, with different weapons.
  • MúLTIPLES solutions for a branched main story.
  • Different personalities of the members.
  • 3 main factions and twenty of other minor groups.
  • Great Arsenal of Body Body Weapons, Firearms, Granados, and Other Futuristic Devices, such as Camouflage Fields, Distorsi GeneratorsóN of reality, energy shieldsía, etc.
  • Different environments to explore: M roomáKINAS, HIDROPONíA, DIST citiesóPicas, ruins…

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