Differenting FTP and SFTP. Two file exchange protocols

Differenting FTP and SFTP

In the old days, Lto úNica how to create a website was to do it on the developer’s computer and upload it to the server. Privative solutions such as Microsoft FrontPageíAn your own system to upload the files but, requireíAn that the server counted with the appropriate extensions. The other alternative was to use an FTP client.

Today, the greatestíA of the websites use ALGúN Type of content manager (which can be installed using an assistant provided by the hosting) or ALGúN creator of websites online. This makes FTP and SFTP are no longer so used. However, they continue to have their utility.

Differenting FTP and SFTP

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), which I alsoéN is known as Secure File Transfer Protocol, they do many of the same things, but, with some notable differences that are worth noting.

Common functions are:

  • Allow the use of a client with GR interfaceáFICA to connect the source and destination computers.
  • It is possible to navigate between the files of both computers, modify, delete and transfer them from each other.

What differentiates both protocols are the ways in which things do:

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) isáNDAR Use a client-server model that connect using two separate channels to move the data between them. These two channels are the command channel and the data channel. Neither of the two channelsán encrypted (by default), this means that if someone could collect data between the server and the client by implementing a Man-in-the-Middle attack, couldíto read Fácilly. Point DéBIL of the FTP protocol is that the data is envíAn as a flat text, which makes it very fácil collection informationón of the captured data.

A Man-in-the-Middle attack is one in which criminals informáTicos intercept communicationóN between client and server without being detected.

The Secure Shell FTP (SFTP) uses a único channel as a vehicleídata exchange. This channel está Encrypted, in additionás to be protected by a combinationóN username and passwordñA or by the use of CRIPTOGR keysáFicas SSH. In case the transmission is interceptedóN between the client and the server, not beingá Possible to read the data.

¿CuáL should be used?

To choose between one or other protocol The key question is whether the data contains informationóN sensitive.

To upload a website that only has HTML content, CSS and JavaScript, security is not a key factor.. However, if a content manager is uploaded as WordPress in which encryption keys and database data are included, care must be taken.

Another point to keep in mind is that SFTP works in Form Más slow ftp Due to the safety incorporated in the Protocol. The data están encrypted, and only work with a channel.

When using the SSH protocol, SFTP requires authenticationóN. This discards it to be used as server púBlolic file download.

The SFTP protocol offers two méAll principals to authenticate connections. One of them is, as in FTP, the useóN username and passwordñto. However, with SFTP these credentialsán Encrypted.

The second MéAll authenticationón are the SSH keys. For this you have to generate first a private key SSH and a key púBLICA. The key PúBLICA SSH is charged on the server and is associated with the account. At the time of connecting to the SFTP server, the client software transmitá Your key PúBLICA FOR THE AUTHENTICATIONóN. If the key púBlica matches the private key, along with any user or passwordñA supplied, then the authenticationóN will haveá éXito.

Más está say that they are not the úNicial protocols that exist. This is an artíIntroductory ass to serveá base for those who follow.

There are many FTP and SFTP clients in the repositories, and we will talk to meáIt’s extensively. My favorite is Filezila.

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