Differences between Linux and UNIX

UNIX-Linux on C & Outweight background; I say source

UNIX and Linux are not equal, since one of them is a proprietary system and another is free software among many other differences.

ÚLastly I see a lot of confusionóN between Linux and Unix, since Many people think it really is the same or that one depends on the other, when obviously it is notí.

Surely you’ve ever heard the phrase linux is not unix or the acróNUMO GNU recursive meaning GNU IS NOT UNIX. Already only with this we can know that it is not the same. We are going to goáS ALLá and we are going to explain the main differences between both.


ORíUNIX genes

Nationó at the beginning of the DéEvery of the 70s by developers Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. It was Created in the Bell Laboratories, that belong to the famous companyñíATT. It was created as an operating system to handle servers, being an operating system where the commands have almost all the protagonism.

ORíLinux genes

The Linux kernel was created by Linus Torvalds at the beginning of the 90s. The kernel is createdó BasáAt UNIX and Linus had the help of other great software like Richard Stallman. From thatñOr, many distributions based on Linux, así Like many desktops.

Property and copyright

UNIX is a proprietary system that can not be modified, Property of the CompanyñíATT that is the úNica that you have permission to modify it and update it.


As we all know, Linux Está under license GNU and therefore, The Kernel Linux is completely free and free and anyone can modify the CóI say source, which isá Available for everyone.

Utility and use

Unix’s main usefulness is the useón on server systems, with the exceptionóN of the Macos X operating system that es A desktop operating system. In the case of server systems, they are operating systems DIFíCiles to install, systems where the commands are primate on the GR interfaceáfica and compatible only with hardware specíFico. Some examples are AIS, HP-UX or Solaris.


Linux has operating systems for both servers and customers. Within the world Linux there is a lotíSimas distributions, MuchíSimos desktops and manyíSimas Tools created for them. We have many examples, on the subject of servers we have systems such as Red Hat or SUSE Linux and on the subject of desktop systems we have Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Debian.


Although the kernel linux isé Based on UNIX and share some things, we have seen how in the end they are different. Things like the ownership of the software and the usefulness of the systems mark the difference between both.

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