Digikam: an excellent application for the management and editing of images


Digikam is an applicationóN of CóI say open that provides users with a solucióN To import and manage digital photos for the KDE desktop. This applicationón Includes an im editorágenes and organizer components, which can be extendedácilly throughés of a built-in and plug-in.

Digikam is able to organize IM collectionsáGenes in folders, by dates, or by labels. AllowsñAdde comments and scores to the photos, perform BúSquases with this informationón, and store these búSquirts as if they were folders.

TambiéN Allows simple editions of the photos as cuts, rotations, color retouching, etc. Making use of KIPI (KDE Image Plugin Interface), it offers the possibility of increasing its functionalities.

The characteristicsíKey stations include the correctionóred eyes, glitter, contrast, gamma, tone, saturationón and the correctionón of luminosity, color balance, investmentócolor, the color of autocorrección, the relationshipóT of clipping, free cut, black and white and a tonality converter using settings curves, rotationón and move from a tiróN.

With this tool, you canán Import IMágenes, organize your collectionón of photos, see imágenes, edit and improve photos, create slide and calendar presentations, print and share your creations photoáFicas that use social web services, imáE-mail genesónico, and much máS.

Some of its characteríAdvanced stations are:

  • Support for IMá16-bit genes / color / píXELES
  • Native support JPEG 2000
  • Support for manufacturer notes and IPTC metadata
  • GeolocationóN photoáFICA
  • ConfigurationóAdvanced decodingóN of IMáRaw genes (RAW)
  • PreviewóN RáAsk in raw
  • Metadata Support of the IMáRaw genes
  • Light table to compare FáCilly IMáSimilar genes

About the new Beta of Digikam 6.0.0

The developers of the applicationóN they recently launched a new versión beta, which to beíto entering his new branch 6.X.X


Digikam 6.0 beta Includes Import ImprovementsóN / ExportóN, including Lighttable and Showfoto, Support for MáS CáMaras and their RAW files, Authentications Web ServicesóN OAuth with simplified and a variety of other improvements to this management softwareón popular professional photos.

In summary, the PRóXima VersióN 6.0.0 seems promising e Introduceá New characteríTypes such as:

  • Gestión full support of V filesíDeo working as photos.
  • Web Service Tools in Lighttable, IM EditoráGenes and importationóN Showfoto / Integrationón of exportóN of all.
  • RAW DECODIFICATION fileón new engine cáMaras are compatible.
  • Similarity of data are stored in a separate file.
  • Simplified authenticationóN of the Web Service Using the OAuth Protocol.
  • New tools for the exportóN A Pinterest Web Services.
  • The possibility of organizing the visualization contentóN of icons manually.

In additionás of this, the source code of the application was improved with what has been done to reduce external dependencies again in order to simplify the applicationóConstruction nón, containers and maintenance inñourselves.

¿CóMo Install Digikam in Linux?

If you want to install this applicationón in your systems we can do it in a fairly simple way.

Hereí we can download the file “APPIXAGE” of applicationóN, be it a versión stable ( or the new versión beta (6.0.0).

They must download the versióN to its system architecture.

They give you execution permissionsóN with:

sudo chmod a + x digikam *.APPIMAGE

The Digikam interface is quite intuitive, especially if they are KDE users. The distributionóN that the tools of this application haveóN is quite simple: On the leftán The panels that control the way seeing the photos, in the center are the same photos, and on the left are effects and filters.

The default initial view is a file system view, from any directory you have defined as your IM folderágenes during installationóN of Digikam.

Digikam refers to what the directories you find within your IM directoryáGenes as a one áLBUM, and each image file is analyzed, together with your native metadataáS Digikam metadata allows you toñAdir, in a miniature view.

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