Dilouvion Beta released for Linux in Steam


TíSteam Tulbers, the famous online store of video games of Valve for Linux and other platforms, since a long time ago Superó The 3000 TíTulos for the ping platformüIno, an unthinkable figure some añyou. Well, DíA DíA new news about M is coming outáS TíTulos who arrive oráS compañíso be worthy to behavior tíexisting tulums and éXito to our favorite system. The gamers that seemedía marginalized ifían operating system Linux, now it seems that thisán having a good streak and I hope you continue así

On éSte Nuevo ArtíAss we present the Dilurn beta that has been launched to work under a GNU / Linux system. For which he does not know the video game, it is an RPG of AccióN, a new game developed by Arachnid Games and that has come to Linux VíSteam. At the moment it is a beta, but it is not missing a lot for the final launch that all the fans of the game expect. For now, we just have to be happy to perform test in this first dose that they give us.

That helps youá to the Developers to detect some problems and polish them face to the versión Final, something that always is appreciated on the part of the users who decide to prove it, since partly isán helping in the process of improvement of the video game, and over doing something as fun as playing. Well,áS Since May 1 it has a discount of 25% so it is another new and good news for all those who areén Interested in buying it.

¿Qué Dilurn? Well, we will find a wonderful and beautiful world submarine in which we can explore, with innovative gráFICOS that combine 2D and 3D, submarine combats in real time. In additionáS, submarines have been updated, with 9 of them, a new resource manager, and some other updates, and a good RETéN of giant creatures that live in the depths and that you shouldás Lidate with them.

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