Dirk Hohndel and Linus Torvalds: Summary of the Virtual Summit on Kernel Linux


Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel , Director of CóI say open of VMware, they have spoken about the future of Linux and the development of this magnificentíFICO project during the first summit of the virtual kernel due to the pandemic.

In this one they have reviewed many aspects, from the Unusual Tamañor the Kernel Linux 5.8, As we commented, up to other aspects of the future of the project. In terms of sizeñor, it seems that the confinement has had part of the fault, withás contributions to have developers withdate at home. That is, the SARS-COV-2 ESTá Accelerating some technologyíace.

In additionáS, he has assured that None of the developers have been affected by the virus, although Torvalds was concerned about one of the developers of him that I remainó Disconnected for one or two months. But finally resultó that the problem was an injuryón of repetitive effort, very comúN between software developers.

By his side, Hohndel alsoén has been talking about the Diversity in the community of Linux development, something current due to the demonstrations and disturbances thatá Having all over the world for Floyd’s death. With some LíDeres black like Kelsey Hightower and Byyan Liles, although in his greatestíA are all white, with great presence of Chinese and Indians as it is patent in the peaks on the kernel. In fact, Torvalds himself recognized himselfó that there are other communities, such as that of some cloud projects, which areás heterogéNeas that them

También was place for Review the work that now están doing, and that secún Torvalds is BáSonely literally something very fundamental, we are cleaning and solving problems. [] Linux is boring and así shouldíTo be.. But it is bored for some, since for others it is extremely interesting, especially if you like the interactionóN al MáS low level with hardware.

Upon The future of Linux development, I have already commented sometimes that Linus did not lastá eternally, and that Greg is the right hand of him that couldíto take relay. On this summit alsoén spokenó of this problem, since the greatestíto the LíCurrent deres have más of 50 añyou. Torvalds SECTó For us there is nothingáIt is interesting that interacting at a low level with the hardware and really controlling everything that isá happening. Aceí that I do not misunderstand me, the nucleos are not bored, but it is definitely true that the main people have been present by Décadas. Sí, we are getting old..

Many of the Developers Más veterans They have already moved to maintenance and administrationón and have left the first LíNea development. Torvalds himself is a case: I do not like the word administrationón, because I do not consider myself an administrator, but in reality it is what I do.. Now developers of 20 or 30 añyou are the ones that reallyán doing programming workóN.

In additionáS, Torvalds recordó Another great problem that have: We do not have enough maintainers. It turns out that it is really difficultícil find people who are maintainers. It is interesting and challenging, but one of the disadvantages of being a maintainerúCleo is that you have to be thereí all the time. Maybe it’s not 24 hours a dayía, but each díto what react to emailóNico, you have to be thereí. [] It takes time, you need experience. Having done that for a while, as a maintainer from below to start moving slowly and then earn the confidence of sufficient people..

Hohndel alsoéN Askó A Torvalds about whether C programmers could beíA transform into The new cobol programmers Of theéevery 2030. Linus Contestó: I think C is still one of the 10 main languages. People está Looking to actively do controllers and things that are not very important for the NúCleo, for example, in Rust. People have been seeing that forñyou. I am convinced that it happensá a Díto.

There was even room for Talk about Apple and his movement towards ARM, Abandoning X86. Linus believes that changeá The current hierarchíA of architectures and ensures that: During the 10th úLtimum AñO MáI have been complaining that it was DIFíCil Find Hardware ARM that is usable for development. It exists, but until now they have not been a true competition for X86.. There are things like AWS and its graviton processors, but the cloud does not like to Torvalds: The developers of the kernel we want to have an MáQuina in front of you. [] I refuse to develop BáSonically anything that can not use like my desk.

To all this, Hohndel did a joke saying that Apple, if you areás listening, get linus one of the first port computersáTiles Arm.

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