Dirt 4: Ferral Interactive confirms its launch for Linux in a couple of months

Dirt 4

Feral Interactive again está behindñAs of this new news of a great Título for linux, a videogame that is known for all how is this fantáRally realistic and realistic simulator for hours as racing pilot in open circuits throughout the world and with a multitude of brands and car models that really compete in this type of motorsport quotes. In additionás, within a couple of monthsáS also haveén in your distro linux

Of course we talk about Dirt 4, a videogame that is alreadyá For other platforms and now finally get thereá To the Linux world as they have confirmed afterés of this long wait. CODEMASTERS, the same video game firm that others have createdíTulos as F1 Official and a long list of success, TambiéN has been in charge of creating it, and leave Ferral Interactive to make the port for Linux as usual.

It is not a surprise, in December 2017 they already confirmed that they were working to bring DIRT 4 to Linux, but now there is meás news about it for fans that isén waiting for this título, and is that in about two months endá Ferral’s work to launch it for Macos and Linux. Therefore, we hope that in May, with the spring so many things come and alsoén this game. I think the wait has been long, but it has not been in vain, we will finally get the reward

In the Steam store of Valve you will haveéIs this fantáRestic video game, in fact,éIs looking for it to get máS Informationón Yes Aún do not know it. Feral Interactive Está polishing and finalizing úWe last touches for its launch in the UNIX world and Vendrá enhanced by The powerful API GRáFICA Vulkan, aceí that AúN best news. I hope you like this news, and I want to confirm the launch when it finally comes true.

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