Dirt 4: Thanks to Ferral Interactive today leaves the Port for Linux

Dirt 4

Today is the DíA where the Port for Linux leaves Video game Dirt 4. All thanks to the development of Feral Interactive, as is usually usual in this companyñíwhat they are?á Bringing so many TíTulos of important videogames to Linux. A Títube that is alreadyá Harvesting éXITOS on other platforms, a game dedicated to the simulationódriónávery impressive fexicures and a good dose of realism in terms of the manageability of cars that we can pilot, among which there are modern models and cláSicos in the world of competitionóN.

Videogames lovers, of this type of Motorsport simulators, and that they are pro linux, already know that from today, March 28, 2019, they can be done with the títube. The TíOriginal Codemaster dedicated to Rally and that EREDA the legacy of the saga when it was called the deceased pilot Colin McRAE. Now, with manyñDevelopment and great news comes the new versión dirt 4 so that the linuxers can enjoy it

Feral Interactive, After work and wait on the part of the fans, he has given the Díto today as a date for its launch. Useá The GR APIáFICA Vulkan, which endure itá of a power without equal. Thoseí, The Gamers will haveáN that have a few requirementsíNimes that go through a Ubuntu 18.04 or higher (works on support for other distros, but not officially by feral), Intel Core I3-3 or AMD FX processor, GPU NVDIA / AMD 2GB for GRáFICOS or BEST (GeForce 680 or Radeon R9 285), 4GB of RAM, and 39GB of free storage on our hard drive.

For to get it, You can go to the official website of both Ferral Store, where you find itáS as well as other Ports of the Study, in Humble Store or in Steam de Valve, as is usually usual. Tú DECIDES DóNDE buy it

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