Dirt 4 officially will come for Linux thanks to Ferral Interactive

DIRF 4 car capture

Feral Interactive it has done it again, as it is usual úLightly, Está Porta Dirt 4 for Linux. Originally Está Developed by Codemasters for PC and video consoles, the same study developed by the official F1, Grid Autosport video game and many Más TíTulos quite known in the digital entertainment industry. And now Feral EstáN working to support the GNU / Linux distros with this port.

Has become official and púBlick throughéS DE The Feral Twitter Account, where it has been confirmed that beingá Launched in 2019. Aceí not to stayá a lot to be able to add to the increasing list of videogames for Linux, which every time MáS and best quality. Thanks to Ferral by Dirt 4, Life is Strange 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Total War: Three Kingdoms and we hope that a longíSimo etc. Sincerely, together with Valve, ESTán doing enough by the ping platformüIno and the gaming.

On The press release They have launched, prayed: Dirt 4 will haveá a fleet ofás of 50 rally cars, buggies, trucks and crosskarts, including Ford Fiesta R5, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru WRW STI NR4, Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2, etc. Players pután Tested these incrementíBles MáKINAS IN RALLY ROUTS Más demanding of the world, from the land roads of Australia to the snowfall and dangerous of Sweden, passing through the open land tracks of MíChigan..

In the Ferral Interactive press release alsoén was mentionedó that dirt 4 will haveá The ability to generate your own stages, in Functionón of the locationóN of the players and the pairáRoute Metro. That’s it great news and it sounds interesting, since it is not something that the franchise has done before. As always, even if they are not from cóI say open, we see with good eyes that there is every timeáS Videogames for our platform, and that does not produce the escape to Windows or video consoles of our users

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